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Version 0.7.1 released E-mail
Venerdì 18 Novembre 2011 09:58

Version 0.7.1 is a bugfix release with:

  • "Memory leak in trayicon when no sync folder present" bug fixed
  • "Locale format" bug fixed
  • Changed deprecated (in Qt 4.8) function calls for QQueue
  • Updated zh_TW and hu_HU translations
Version 0.7.0pre released E-mail
Mercoledì 12 Ottobre 2011 10:56

Here a new version with this changes:

  • A button to stop package downloading once started (feature req. #3413922)
  • Owned files tree view tab for installed packages (with desktop theme file icons, not in enhanced view, feature req. #3413878)
  • New packages search filter: repository
  • Per repository statistics
  • An alternative (not for AUR/CCR) way to execute requested operations on an external X Terminal emulator where:  
    *the X Terminal Emulator is configurable via options panel
    *in the "check and apply" page you can select (via radio button) to use the internal (like before and default) or external tool
    *AUR/CCR now working only with external tools (also fixes bug #3420465 and #3413000)
  • New option for tray icon visibility (Always or only when there are available updates)
  • New option to enable/disable rss feed reader (feature req. #3353471)
  • New option to enable/disable packages homepage loading (feature req. #3353471)
  • New option to select the first page ("Start" or "All" packages)
  • Tabbed options panel
  • Hungarian translation
Version 0.6.4 released E-mail
Giovedì 01 Settembre 2011 13:12

Another bugfixing (fixed bug #3399666) + memory optimization release.

Version 0.6.3 released E-mail
Lunedì 22 Agosto 2011 16:27

Another bugfix release released:

  • Solved bug #3394196 (Tray icon change after packages db update)
  • Minor memory optiomizations
Version 0.6.2 released E-mail
Sabato 13 Agosto 2011 14:38

This is a bugfix only release:

  • Extra info checkbox not working bug fixed
  • Tray icon increasing amount of memory over time bug fixed
  • Upgrade not asking for packages replace bug fixed
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