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Even if AppSet can (in theory) work with every linux distro, in practice it needs some specifical configurations files and sometimes also some backend extensions.

In this section are listed all the AppSet's official supported distributions.

Chakra Linux E-mail

Chakra linux logoChakra Linux is using AppSet as its default package manager since version 2011.04 (Aida) and so it is fully supported. Furthermore Chakra's team provided most of  the translations and some suggestions

Like with Arch, AppSet uses pacman for now. CCR support (Chakra community repository) is available through use of the ccr tool.

If you still have a Chakra version prior to 2011.04 you can still install it with:

sudo pacman -S appset-qt

After installation is recommended to reboot the system.

Arch Linux E-mail

archlinux logoActually Arch Linux is fully supported using its main CLI backend, pacman.

Furthermore, for Arch Linux there is also AUR (Arch User Repository) support using packer. This tool is optional and installable via AUR (you can for example use an AUR helper like Yaourt o Clyde).

AppSet can be installed from the AUR (AUR link).

Adding new distributions

If your distribution is not already supported:

First of all check if a CLI tool in already supported distributions is also available in your distro. If it is available you only have to create a packet from the last available version and distribute it. If not, AppSet can use an already available CLI frontend of your distribution, that becomes his backend.

To make AppSet work with a particular distribution CLI frontend is sufficient to create a configuration file. This file represents one of the distribution's installed frondends (pacman etc.). This file must contains all the needed commands for every possible action and the regular expressions to correctly read their output.

To have a look at an example configuration file download the latest distribution tarball from sourceforge (links) and open one of the file under "package path/appsetconf/DISTRIBUTION NAME/" directory.

In this configuration file is also defined the particular distribution news-feed's URL and other informations. 
All the appsetconf directory has to be placed in in the file system under a directory configured in appset.conf which must reside in /etc/.

If you can't map all actions to commands of your tool, you can create scripts (e.g. in bash), that with some elaboirations with programs like grep/sed/awk produce an output directly readable from AppSet's default Engine.

If you can't get this working you have to specialize one from the already available default classes that implements AS::Engine interface. This class will have to define only method (mapped to actions, e.g. update/query etc.) that you cannot implement with the method above explained. This new implementation can also use system libs that your tool provides (like libapt etc.).

If you successfully port your tool in AppSet, please contact me via email, so I can add your work to official releases. You can also contact me via email for specific problems during the porting task.

So... good luck with your work! :)

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