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Welcome to the official AppSet's website!

AppSet is a software packages management tool.
Designed from the beginning to browse your distribution's applications in a pleasant and efficient way. Actually can perform all the functions that a packages management tool needs for supported distributions.

Some of the main features:

  • Automatical generation of applications sections (games, office, multimedia, internet etc.)
  • An embedded web browser that shows selected applications homepages
  • An embedded feed reader that shows news from configured distribution
  • A Tray Icon that periodically shows available upgrades
  • The possibility to choose a touchscreen suitable and animated view
  • Administrator packages management (Upgrades, installs, removes applications)
  • Periodical packages database update
  • Checks dependencies contraints
  • Authentication structure that uses what is already installed to get administrative privileges (only when needed), searching from {kdesu, gksu, beesu, xdg-su or at least an xterm where it executes a sudo command}
  • Cache cleaner tool (to free disk space)
  • Can use ad-hoc libraries for a specific distribution or, like in default, it uses an already existing package manager CLI frontend
  • Requires only Qt libs as installation dependency
  • Can work with every desktop environment (kde, gnome, lxde ...)
  • Can work (in theory) wih every linux distribution (check the actually supported distributions in "DISTRIBUTIONS" section)
  • It is already translated in several languages (check the "TRANSLATIONS" section for more informations)

To get more informations about this project browse this web site using the top menu or take a look at the "WEB LINKS" section to watch externally hosted contents regarding AppSet.

For feature/bug tracking you can use sourceforge tools here.

AppSet is a project hosted onĀ Get AppSet at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads , released underĀ GNU GPL version 2 license and developed by Simone Tobia (simone dot tobia at gmail.com)

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